to all those corrupted bureaucrat

i’m wondering how to bring consciousness to all of Indonesian bureaucrat responsible for Indonesian food resilience, that food resilience (higher level of food security) are the conditio sinequa non for the development of this whole country. that it is necessary to build our farming, that on behalf of our farmer, we should take the farmer to higher level, bring them out of poverty. and telling them the bureaucrats to stop those sneaky rent-seeking and klepto-crazy !

i was freaking out, reading all the stories about indonesian agriculture.

to you bureaucrats, i’m sure that you know what is conditio sinequa non, i’m sure that you have the better education. but please, work harder, work clean, don’t mess up our nation just for the sake’s of your family. if your wife’s asks for a new house, new car, new jewelery, or new whatever, or maybe your son asks for new fancy car, new fancy cell phone, or new whatever, then teach them how to save their daily budget, slowly. don’t you dare to take fast-line, and then bankrupting the whole country with your dirty work.

food crisis coming, that means other crisis would gradually come to.

dear GOD, help us open their mind, help us open their heart. please GOD, please…

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