Meritocracy (Wikipedia explained) is a system of a government or other organization wherein appointments are made and responsibilities are given based on demonstrated talent and ability (merit)[1], rather than by wealth (plutocracy), family connections (nepotism), class privilege (oligarchy), friends (cronyism), seniority (gerontocracy), popularity (as in democracy) or other historical determinants of social position and political power. In a meritocracy, society rewards (by wealth, position, and social status) those who show talent and competence as demonstrated by past actions or by competition.

An effective and efficient government was filled by the right man of course on the right place. Indonesia on Soekarno’s era once had this kind of system, called as the Zakken government. It was maybe the last time where the governments do it.

The Oh-So-Big Government ~courtesy of Chibi Maruko Chan, taken from Dimas Novriandi. FB Profile

Today, SBY, the incumbent, who’ll about to be another president for the next five years period got a task to call for his own government-winning team. Most people working on certain industries was hoping that SBY will choose professionals rather than the so called party-loyalist-member. As Wikipedia explained, it was important to have the system whereby people filled it, got a great (sorry, good was not going to be enough) track record and specialties.

Question is what’s the deal between SBY and its coalition party member? Are they pushing SBY to give them any ‘wet’ (oh so wet  … means: yeah, you know the oh-so-corrupted department) position? Or their coalition was pure because they would love to be behind SBY’s leadership? This is what I doubt oh-so-much, since political parties were running onto some interests (in economy or politics)! A position promised for a party member would cause another catastrophic-structured-corruption.

If I’m not mistaken, SBY got three months to develop his own government. Quite a long period to pick up the right man. SBY also need to evaluate today’s government, lengthen the contract of those who does great with their job, and kick-out those pain-in-the-ass ministers who didn’t work well (not to say that they’re corrupted).

Economy has to be the first priority to be considered by, thus Ministers in the field needs to be lengthening of course to keep sustainability of some policies and regulations. Then it goes to ministries/departments taking care of people’s sovereignty and development (Education, Religion, Citizen’s Sovereignty, etc). These are the wet and yet oh-so-political ministries that needs special attention from SBY. Yeah, you know why.

Last but not least, it goes to so on and so on. Hahaha… Department taking care of defense and resilience, hmm… SBY might need to consider changing people on the office, since it was shown that they’re not capable enough. Hendropriyono would be good to be posted on Defense Ministries replacing J.S., a terrorist has started another war and he is a Doctor on terrorism. And Sir, please replace S.S. from your intelligent biro (err… you don’t want to remove him, eh? Since, he’s helping you on your election campaign).

This morning, I read shocking news that there will be a loyalty contract between SBY and his future government member. Problem? The contract is confidential, no public disclosure, no transparency, no-such-things. What if, it was political? Yes, we need a strong and stable government, but we need no political interests on government internals.

Sir, if there’s any political contract with your coalition party; please … please … just break it. People’s interests are a much more important thing than those interests smuggler.

4 thoughts on “Meritocracy”

  1. oh what “wet sectors”! 😀
    ada yang konyol dalam pilpres. apapun keputusan kpu dan ma, limpahan suara bagi sby-boed dari pendukung kompetitor toh lumayan. terbukti bahwa dagang sapinya emang jumlah kursi di dpr, sehingga partai pendukung sby sekarang tinggal menawar jatah kabinet. padahal nggak ada jaminan bahwa dukungan itu berbuah mobilisasi pencontrengan.

  2. @paman tyo: itulah paman, tinggal pintar2 mereka saling menipu aja kan.. pun ada kontrak tertulis untuk memobilisasi pencontrengan, apa iya yg disuruh nyontreng benar2 akan mencontreng..hehe

    “Politics is Oh So Wet and Dirty, Paman!” 😀

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