Roaring twenties

*this post was written part by part, scheduled to be published on August 3rd, 12:45am*

“There’s no such thing as failure on the lexicon of youth”, oh crap I really forgot who’s line this is.

Anyway, 23 is coming. Honestly, it feels like nothing. Question, am I changing? am I growing up? or I keep on being myself, as it is?

On my 22, I experienced something that maybe not all of us can get, working at the orange house for the new media team under supervisory of mr.unspun. It’s been great for me joining his team, been great for me learning from the natural-new media-conversationist, been great, beeeeeen greaaaaat. But, decision have been made, I have to pick my way, I want to continue my study on politics while I can.

I remember a line, unspun said to me once during my evaluation time. “Aditya, you’re a young man, you should do everything, do whatever you want! You know, just do it!”. It took not so long, until a book came up with a quote: There’s no such thing as failure on the lexicon of youth.

Keyword: Youth, Lexicon, Failure. Why failure so often comes up on our mind?

Please see a dialogue below

Ms.A: Why don’t you talk and show me some initiatives?

Mr.B: *silent* umm.. I was..too afraid too talk my mind up..

Ms.A: Why is that happening to you?

Mr.B: well…*silent* I was too afraid to be failed..

Ms.A: WTF?! You’re too young to be afraid of failure. You have so much times to do false act (read it as positive false not negative one), just do it! Everyone believes on you. You don’t believe on yourself?! Oh C’mon!

Mr.B: blurrp bluurrp blurrrpp..*shocked and collapsed*

Conclusion: The word failure comes up when we don’t believe in ourselves.

In this case, trust given by people was read as a burden to Mr. B. This burden then weighting his shoulder, he get a bit confused, he disbelieve his own self, and then some “bad” word suddenly appear in his mind. Failed, Failure, Shame, Shameful..

So? What to do? Here’s what to do.. Read this line again: There’s no such thing as failure on the lexicon of youth.

See, youth time especially between 20 to 30 are the perfect time to do some fault, make some noise and you know, just do everything that we wanted. That’s way its called the “roaring twenties”.

Q: Am I ready to roar on my twenties? Nay or Yay?

A: Nay yey, I have to study more, let me take some time, you might wanna ask me again then..

15 thoughts on “Roaring twenties”

  1. Being 23 today, yes you have plenty of time to do some mistakes so go! Be afraid of nothing, you can just do whatever you wanna do, spread your wings and fly, or else you’ll regret this youth and hell lot of opportunities you’re missing right this time. You decide, young man.

    Happy birthday *hugs*

  2. *komen serius*

    Mencerahkan. Saya juga merasakannya lho..

    Kadang-kadang kita bimbang untuk menentukan pilihan. Takut ini, takut itu..

    Btw, happy birthday bro.. Semoga sampeyan bertambah tua..

  3. happy birthday dude! inspiring post indeed!

    “Nobody likes you when you’re 23”
    ~ Blink 182, What’s my age again?

    Haha… *disambit* :p

  4. Dit, happy birthday!

    Yes, indeed, you are a bright young man. So, do what you’ve always wanted to do, seize the opportunity. Don’t be afraid when you’re given a huge responsibility, instead, be proud! Have faith on yourself, and grab everything life has to offer you 🙂

    Those were great times when you were around, good luck, Dit! And again, happy birthday! 🙂
    *update sesi-sesi curhat, ya! hehehe*

  5. HaPPy Birthday Dude!
    Not only failure one can be afraid of.. believe it or not, some scare of success..
    and you.. should be neither ^^

  6. 23?
    happy birthday again Dit…
    yeah…. you are so young…
    do whatever you want… don’t be afraid of failure because you can learn from your failure…

  7. Belated Birthday Wishes Adit. As Siddharta once said:” You are what you think.”

    Think positive thoughts and the world becomes a wonderland of possibilities.

  8. OMG! Adit, loe udah 23?

    Cih, gue gak jadi sama lo dit, masa sama brondong! wakaka…

    anyway, happy birthday little bro! you still young, lakukan semua yang ingin kamu lakukan, in positive way lho…

    seperti daku dulu, target sampe 25 mau begajulan sampe bosen, eh bablas mpe 27 😛

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