tentang “Solo Message”

Catatan ini berlanjut, kali ini terkait isi dari “Solo Message”, hasil dari High Level Dialogue on Institutional Framework on Sustainable Development.


Solo Message

The High-Level Dialogue on the Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development

This is an extraction from the Chair’s Report of the High-level Dialogue on the Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development, held in Solo, Indonesia 19-21 July 2011

1.    Delegates of more than 100 member states, IGOs and major groups met from 19-21 July 2011 in Solo, Indonesia to discuss the institutional framework for sustainable development in preparations for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, the ‘Rio+20 Conference’, to be held in June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2.    This message has been compiled by the host country and reflects the convergence of views arrived at during the two-day discussions.

3.    To achieve our shared goal we need to renew our political commitment for sustainable development. We also need to translate this commitment into implementation.

4.    We need to ensure that the economic, social and environmental pillars work together with each pillar integrating the goals of the other two pillars.

5.    At the international level we need an organisation to enhance the integration of sustainable development. Various options were discussed, ranging from an enhanced mandate for ECOSOC and reviewing the role of CSD to the establishment of a Sustainable Development Council.

6.    At the national level, there is a need for more integrated support for national strategies. Various options were discussed including Delivering as One.

7.    There is a need to strengthen UNEP and a number of options were discussed.

8.    More broadly, sustainable development governance at the local, national and regional level needs to be reviewed and supported.

9.    New and additional financing is necessary to enable implementation for capacity building and technology transfer.


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