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We believe in a simple yet targeted stakeholder management. Simple allows for easy understanding. By simplifying, we amplify. We help to build our clients in conveying their messages. Clear, credible, and relevant.

Offers all the advantages of reaching out to your stakeholders with our expertise, ingenuity and spark to provide stand out strategic plan. We are here to assist you in your communication need and ready with all the extras that make us who we are, including individual approach to serve and a unique dedication to making sure the process in delivering your message to your
stakeholder is pleasurable.


Aditya Sani (aditya.r.sani@gmail.com)

Mailing Address:

Jln. Citayam II No. 1 Pavilion, Rawa Barat,
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Telp / Fax: (021-722-3135)