Robot- robot ini dalam ukuran aslinya akan hadir dihadapan Anda. HBO Asia telah menerbangkan Autobot® and Decepticon® dalam ukuran sebenarnya ke Jakarta. Berdasarkan informasi yang saya terima dari Shia LaBeouf, mereka akan mendarat di Lantai 2, Atrium Mal Taman Anggrek (MTA), 29 November 2008, mulai pukul 10.00 wib. Shia juga mengatakan bahwa kedua robot ini ada di MTA selama dua hari saja dan kemungkinan besar melanjutkan perjalanan ke negara lain.

See you there, guys! 😀


Sabtu, 29 November 2008, akhirnya saya datang ke MTA untuk melihat apa yang ditawarkan oleh HBO. Dan saya dengan amat terpaksa harus kecewa. The whole event is fun actually, but not for me. It’s for the kiddo (ages 5 to 15). For those who wants to meet a real robot, be prepare to be dissapointed. But, for those who bring his/her younger brother (So-so lah).

to HBO (Karen Lai and Angela), R&R (Mbak Rika, Mas Harry, Mbak Eny, Fifin, Astried, Ade) :  Anyway, thanks for the invitation to write some feedback about the event. The lunch was great, i’m full. Hehe.

human loves human (JIFFEST)

poster-movie-section-1Human Loves Human is a social campaign by KontraS. The purpose is to prevent acts of violence and human rights violations. It does so by inspiring people to love each other because ignorance towards others and injustice for the weak can be transformed into tolerance and respect for every human being.

Human Loves Human will be presented by KontraS in an important cultural event: the Jakarta International Film Festival (JiFFest). JiFFest is widely known for its role in promoting the film industry as well as presenting entertaining films. At JiFFest, films are presented as a source of inspiration for people to do big things.

The movie Indiana Jones inspired Butet Manurung, a teacher teaching at a jungle school for orang rimba, which also continues to inspire many people. Soe Hok Gie started his struggle by discussing inspirational movies. The characters Lintang and friends in the movie Laskar Pelangi is an inspiration for children not to give up easily in the face of difficulties. Movies are a bridge between the politics and culture and work of art.

Human Loves Human is an effort to strengthen the bridge by spreading peace and anti violence. Violence and wars pollute the kind of clean politics and culture needed for the best interests of the public and common welfare.

Love in ‘Human Loves Human’ may be interpreted as an expression of human love. It would not be wrong. What we want to nurture is a greater kind of love between human and other living creature. Eric Fromm wrote about the art of loving in the warm relationship between mother-father and children, best friends, and lovers in affection, humility, sacrifice and courage. Human history has proven that hate and greed have caused human sufferings and destruction of universe, including global warming. All of which worsen the lives of human and other living creature.

Let’s celebrate the spirit of Human Loves Human by watching the best humanitarian movies at JiFFest this year. Enjoy the movies and let’s share the hope!

For more information :

The Commission for The Disappeared and Victims of Violence (KontraS)
Jl. Borobudur No. 14, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat 10320
P: +62 (0) 21 3926983
F: +62 (0) 21 3926821
M: +62 (0) 817 5455229


notes : You can see the event schedule written on the poster above, simply right click your mouse and open in a new tab. See you there! ,rgds